A Fabulous Fat Quarter

Novel ideas with novelty fabrics from 4my3boyz.com

30. April 2013 10:44
by tbev

Fabulous Powder Packet for the Beach

30. April 2013 10:44 by tbev | 0 Comments

4my3boyz Beach Pouch Ideas

A friend of mine shared this incredible trick with me after leaving the beach one day, crusted in sand and loading in our respective cars. She pulled out a little pouch and tapped it a few times, then continued to rub it all over her sandy feet and legs. I watched as the sand fell right off, as if by magic! The little pouch was filled with baby powder, which apparently repels sand. I borrowed it for use on myself and my kids and we all drove home sand-free and smelling like bouncing babies! Brilliant.

I found a couple of great tutorials for making your own pouches (one with a velcro enclosure, one with a whip stitch)  and I'm pairing it with some of my favorite Beach and Nautical fabrics from 4my3boyz. Try this simple sewing project out for yourself and you'll be thanking me all summer. (And while you're at it, why not make a few extras to give away as gifts?)


1. A Shore Thing Shells on Sand
2. Beacon Sail Boats and Channel Markers in Water
3. Ocean Cottage Sea Shells Lying on the Sand