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23. April 2013 05:24
by tbev

Fabulous DIY Fabric Rugs

23. April 2013 05:24 by tbev | 0 Comments

4m3b Fabric Rugs

Some of the trendiest boutiques and furniture stores sell hand-woven scrap rugs for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Once again I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Why not put your own fabric scraps to use (even old t-shirts and clothing works great) to create an artistic keepsake? The sky is the limit with size, shape, and colors, so get your creative wheels turning to imagine your own project. Here are some great tutorials to get you started (clockwise from top left):

1. A braided rug made from t-shirts is soft underfoot and offers solid stripes of color.

2. I love the frilly edges of this scrap rug, which will only look cooler with time and wear.

3. Braiding colorful scraps of fabric together creates a great mosaic that loops into a tidy rug. (A great way to use up scraps from your stash.)

4. Wrapping fabric scraps around rope or cording gives a sleek finish and some weight. 

What do you think? Are you ready to grab your stash and cut a rug? Share your ideas and creations with us on our Facebook page!