A Fabulous Fat Quarter

Novel ideas with novelty fabrics from 4my3boyz.com

19. March 2013 06:23
by tbev

Fabulous! Sweet 16 Fabrics

19. March 2013 06:23 by tbev | 0 Comments

4my3boyz Sweet 16 Fabrics

While some of America is caught up in one kind of March Madness, we're caught up in another kind: fabulous fabrics from 4my3boyz! I've put together my "Sweet 16" and you can decide which one is the winner. (Wait, who are we kidding? They're all winners!) Here's the play-by-play:

1. Peacocks Flowers and Butterflies in Squares - Who doesn't love a parading peacock to start things off?
2. Puppy Dogs Dalmation Boxer Retriever Pups - Puppies are here to play, and they've bought their A-game!
3. Star Wars Characters in Squares - Luke, I am your fabric! 
4. M&M Funfetti Characters Packed on Brown - What's a good game without a candy-coated chocolate snack? 
5. US Military Marines Scenes Camouflage Fleece -  Call in the big guns, this is getting serious!
6. Boo Crew Skeletons Dancing on Purple - No bones about it, this is quite a matchup!
7. In Motion Monster Trucks All Over on Cream -  This competition is in overdrive!
8. Outer Space Planets Glow in the Dark - In a surprise move, this one is glowing in the dark!
9. A Stitch in Time Vintage Sewing Machines Large -  This is "sew" exciting!
10. Barcodes in Rows on White - After scanning the competition, this one really stands out!
11. Red White and Blue Cowboy Boots and Flags - These boots were made for walking (and jamming).
12. Swing Time Golf Carts on Lime Green - Speedy and sporty, this game is zipping along!
13. Tucson Kokopelli Figures on Purple - These cheerleaders are amazing!
14. Destination Travel Words from Around the World - This well-traveled player has got the experience to win!
15. State Flowers Indian Blankets Oklahoma - Oklahoma has always been a powerhouse in this competition! 
16. Landscape Medley Birch Trees Birch Bark - Don't get intimidated, this player is all bark and no bite!

That wraps up this competition! Who will make it into your basket?