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8. January 2013 08:34
by tbev

10 Fabulous Resolutions for Crafters

8. January 2013 08:34 by tbev | 0 Comments

1 Resolution

January is under way and just in case you're looking for some craft-centric resolutions for 2013, I've gathered 10 worthy goals. Feel free to adopt one and take it home with you.

1. Enter something in a craft show. You've thought about it before, but this is the year! Showcase and/or sell your handmade goods at a local craft or art show. This is a great way to put yourself out there and make new friends. Plus, having a deadline will ignite the motivation you may be lacking. 

2. Organize a craft night. Crafting is more fun with friends! Invite a group of friends to start a regular craft night. You could take turns teaching each other a new skill, or else invite everyone to bring their own project to work on together. It's a great way to socialize and keep up with your projects at the same time!

3. Take a new class. If you've lost your crafting mojo, kick start things by learning something new. Sign up for a local class to learn a new technique. Or, sites like Craftsy offer online classes you can do on your own schedule.  

4. Share your knowledge. If you've got a wealth of information, maybe it's time to start sharing. Think about starting a blog, an instructional youtube channel, or a class in your community. It can be very rewarding and lead to new opportunities. 

5. Open an Etsy store. Is it time to take the leap and turn your hobby into a business? Etsy is a great place to start, giving you access to a worldwide marketplace and very fair fees.

6. Do an inventory of your craft supplies. Most of us feel the itch to get organized in January and one of the best ways to start is conducting a thorough inventory of your craft room. You'll spend less and use more of what you've already got if you're in the know. Check out these ideas to get you started. If you need to toss stuff out, consider donating it to your local school.

7. Make something you saw on Pinterest. Do you spend hours on Pinterest, building inspiration boards of DIY projects and crafts? Pick one and make it already! By so doing, you'll change Pinterest from a personal fantasyland into a real inspirational tool.

8. Support arts in your community. Take time to visit craft shows, fairs, and art strolls in your community. If your community is lacking, think about organizing something yourself.

9. Finish what you started. Are you the type who is gung-ho at the beginning of a project, but lose steam before it's complete? Choose one unfinished project and commit to finishing it. When you're done, look back and ask yourself what made you stop and how you can avoid similar roadblocks in the future.

10. Inspire a younger generation. Whether it's volunteering with a kindergarten class, a scout troupe, or a high school 4-H club, commit to spending time helping and inspiring a younger generation to discover the joy you've found through crafting. It's likely that you'll come away with as much or more inspiration than you give!

Do you have other ideas for resolutions? Share your thoughts in the comments section!