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4. December 2012 06:02
by tbev

Fabulous Hot Pad Gifts for the Holidays

4. December 2012 06:02 by tbev | 0 Comments

4my3boyz Hot Pads and Apron

Our Cookies and Baking Fabric is on sale now, which got me thinking about some fun gifts you could create with these fun novelty fabrics. For the avid bakers in your life, what could be a better gift than these cupcake pot holders, or this pleated apron with hot pads sewn right into the corners! (How's that for multi-tasking?) I've also gathered a handful of yummy fabrics available in our shop that I think would look great on these gifts. Check them out:

4my3boyz Fabrics Hot Pad Fabrics

1. Christmas Tree Cut-Out Cookies Fabric
2. Gingerbread Houses, Cookies, and Candy on Red Fabric
3. Ice Cream Sundaes, Cakes, and Pies on Black Fabric
4. French Macaroons on Black Fabric
5. Yummy Blue Batik Cupcake Fabric
6. Various Types of Cookies on Black

What great gift ideas are you baking up? Share your ideas in the comments section!