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11. October 2012 13:25
by tbev

Fabulous Pillowcase Superhero Capes

11. October 2012 13:25 by tbev | 0 Comments

If your boys are anything like mine, they love a good superhero disguise. This simple project transforms a regular pillowcase into a crime-fighting cape, perfect for jumping from bed to bed! This is a fun Halloween project or anytime project for a beginning sewer.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

1 standard pillowcase
1/2 yard character fabric (I used this Batman and Superman pattern)
1 sew-on snap (I used size 10 for little fingers to manage)


Turn pillowcase inside out and press. Lay fabric out and pin to match pillowcase.

Trim the fabric to match the pillowcase, allowing a 1/4 inch excess on the end of the opening. (HINT: If making more than one, cut each piece of fabric to its own pillowcase. I found a fair amount of variance in the two pillowcases I bought.)

Next, sew the fabric (right side in) onto the inside of the pillowcase, following the seam of the pillowcase, on the three closed sides. (Don't sew the opening!)

Turn the fabric inside out and press. 

Take the 1/4 inch excess fabric at the end of the opening side of the pillowcase, folding and pressing it to match the end of the pillowcase opening. Then sew it to that side of the pillowcase opening. (Remember, only sew the character fabric to one side, unless you want a non-functioning pillowcase.) 

Finally, sew the snaps by hand onto one corner of the character-side fabric and the other to the pillowcase-side of the non-opening end, careful to sew through only one layer.

To kick up your costume a notch, cut a simple mask out of black felt and attach a band of elastic.

If only fighting crime and saving the world were this easy! Explore all our Superhero Fabrics at 4my3boyz.com and see which ones suits your little hero best.