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5. November 2012 06:20
by tbev

A Fabulous Way to Help Hurricane Victims

5. November 2012 06:20 by tbev | 0 Comments

Just over a week ago, we here at 4my3boyz were bracing ourselves for Hurricane Sandy. It's projected path was right over us, so we prepared as best we could and hoped for the best. Many of you poured in well-wishes on Facebook, Twitter, and email (thank you, thank you, thank you!). Miraculously, we suffered only a bit of water in the basement, but there were so many others who were completely devastated by the storm not very far from where we are located. We've been doing our homework to figure out the best ways we can help our friends and neighbors in New Jersey and New York, and since we have the kindest, most caring customers ever, we thought we'd share our findings with you if you'd like to join in the effort.

Here are some ways you can help:

1. We are collecting new or gently used blankets, coats, hats, scarves, and gloves in good condition. We will be working with several churches in the hard hit areas of NJ and NY to transport them to where they are needed most. If interested, ship your items to the following address:

c/o 4my3boyz Fabrics
139 Sheehan Rd.
Avondale, PA

2. The Red Cross is a great way to send relief, and you can even make a donation via text message on your phone. Text REDCROSS to 9099 to donate $10, which will appear on your cell phone bill.

3. Purchase and wear a "Restore the Shore" hoodie. All proceeds go to benefit those affected by the storm.


If you are aware of someone in need as a result of Hurricane Sandy or know of any other legitimate organizations looking for help with donations, please do not hesitate to let us know. We have many local friends who have offered furniture and other larger items if needed. We would also like to keep these people and all of the victims in our prayers as they attempt to put their shattered homes and lives back together.


{Top image via nydailynews.}

1. November 2012 03:13
by tbev

Register for a Fabulous Shop Hop!

1. November 2012 03:13 by tbev | 0 Comments

Quilters have always loved the adventure of a "Shop Hop" and the age of the Internet has made it even more fun and accessible for everybody with a virtual hop, touring shoppers through the best fabric sites on the Web. Coming up November 15 through December 15 is a new Shop Hop and 4my3boyz Fabrics is excited to be involved.

Quilters, sewers, crafters, and fabric lovers are invited to participate for the chance to win fabulous prizes. Hoppers love touring shops' websites in search of the "YouFoundIt Bunny," not to mention all the fabrics, patterns, tools, plus more in their soon-to-be-favorite quilt and fabric shops.

The shopping trip you used to take by car can now happen in the comfort of your own home, with your favorite fuzzy slippers and mug of coffee in hand. Plus, you have an entire month to get around to over 100 sites to find the elusive "YouFoundIt Bunny" hidden in each site that will qualify you to win prizes! All you have to do is register to play and wait for the fun to begin on November 15.

Q. How many 'youfoundit' bunnies do I need to find in FabShop Hop?
A. To be eligible for the Sewing Machine and Bonus Bunny random drawings you will need to register at all 163 participating shops, plus find 10 bonus bunnies.

To be eligible for the Grand Prize, you will need to find 140 of the 'YouFoundIt' bunnies.

Anyone registered at 110 of participating shops will be eligible for the random First Prize drawing.

Anyone registered at 75 of participating shops will be eligible for a random Second Prize drawing and Promotional Gift Certificates.

Hop to it, everybody, and register now! It's going to be fabulous!

28. October 2012 20:32
by CarSut

Hurricane Sandy

28. October 2012 20:32 by CarSut | 0 Comments

It is Sunday night, October 28th. As the winds pick up and the forecast deteriorates, I find the need to communicate that there may be delays in getting orders out over the next week. Located just east of Philadelphia, we are at the mercy of hurricane Sandy and I apologize ahead for any inconvenience this may cause. We worked tirelessly all weekend to cut and pack orders that came in since Friday afternoon in hopes of getting to the post office early in the morning. Just an hour ago, the news stations announced the post offices would be closed until at least Tuesday. All hands are on deck for the first break in the weather so that delays will be as minimal as possible. Thank you for all the kind emails, prayers and thoughts that have been pouring in today as we brace for this unprecedented event. Our prayers go out to anyone in harms way with this Frankenstorm as it has come to be called.

9. October 2012 12:24
by tbev

Fabulous Pink Ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness

9. October 2012 12:24 by tbev | 0 Comments

There's pink springing up everywhere this month, from t-shirts to NFL sneakers, and it's no different here at 4my3boyz Fabrics! We've got some great fabrics to support Breast Cancer Awareness and some fun ideas to put them to use!

The Love & Hope series is fabulous. Check out these three offerings: 

The Pink Cancer Ribbons with Butterflies pattern is bright and hopeful.

The Tiny Pink Cancer Ribbons pattern is a great contrast. 

And finally, the Cancer Words of Support pattern features bright, powerful sentiments.

I think any of these fabrics would be great on one of these DIY projects: 

1. This Japanese coin purse would look great in pink!

2. This 5 fat quarter scarf is so cute and perfect for pink ribbon patterns.

3. I love this reversible purse−a great way to feature one or two of these adorable fabrics.

4. A scarf headband transforms a simple dollar store headband into a statement. 

27. September 2012 08:19
by tbev

Fabulous Storage Ideas Using Stuff You've Got

27. September 2012 08:19 by tbev | 0 Comments

I love perusing storage ideas for fabric. When done well, it becomes a piece of art, like a loose-leaf patchwork quilt. These ideas I've collected are great ways to use items you probably have already lying around the basement collecting dust. Check them out:

1. An old library card catalog with an antiqued paint job puts fat quarters at easy access and on gorgeous display.

2. A hanging magazine rack holds fat quarters on display (and up away from little hands).

3. Unused bookshelves make perfect fabric storage. 

4. Remember those endless CD racks you bought before iPods came around? They work great for fat quarters. (Bonus: Fat quarters will never go digital!)

5. An old chest of drawers painted a bright color can be put to good use for fabric organization. 

6. A freestanding wire CD rack makes a colorful room divider and excellent storage.

What do you have lying around that could be put to use? Share your ideas!