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28. March 2013 09:42
by tbev

This Week's Fabulous Updates

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1 Easter Quilt
{Easter Quilt via Etsy}

It's a chilly spring week, but the sun is shining and we're ready for a beautiful Easter weekend! Here's the latest happenings at 4my3boyz Fabrics:

~On Tuesday, we shared info about upcoming quilt shows around the country. If you haven't been to a quilt show, it's time to grab a couple of friends and make a day of it. It fuels creativity to see such beautiful workmanship and art.

~I love coming across clever sewing tips, like this one for tensioning. Do you have a favorite sewing tip to share?

~A new sale starts today: Nature Fabrics! Nature is coming to life outside, so it's a perfect time to stock up on fabrics like these...

1 nature 1

Happy Butterflies 2-3" Butterflies on Gold

1 nature 2

Blackfoot Canyon Mossy Tree Bark Pattern 

1 nature 3

A Shore Thing Shells on Sand

~We're still busy moving our massive inventory to our new site. I can't wait for the big reveal!

Have a safe, happy, and wonderful weekend!

26. March 2013 06:55
by tbev

Fabulous Upcoming Quilt Shows

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1 quilt show

Some of the girls at 4my3boyz Fabrics took a day trip out to Lancaster, PA to attend the AQS Quilt Show. As you can imagine, it was an incredible showcase of talent and skill. Wow! I thought it would be fun to collect a list of upcoming quilt shows around the country to share with you. Grab a couple of friends and make a day of it. You won't regret it.

April 5-6: Katy, Texas (West Houston Quilters Guild)

April 6-7: Concord, California (Contra Costa Quilt Guild)

April 6-7: Mukwanago, Wisconson (Crazy Quilter's Quilt Guild)

April 12-13: Butte, Montana (Chateau Quilter's Guild)

April 19-20: Elizabeth City, North Carolina (Colonial Quilt Lovers Guild)

April 20-21: Santa Clara, California (Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association)

April 24-27: Paducah, Kentucky (AQS)

April 27-28: Ontario, Canada (Arnprior Quilt Guild)

Plus, even more! If you have an upcoming quilt show, share the info in the comments section! 

21. March 2013 06:19
by tbev

This Week's Fabulous Updates

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1 spring quilt{Image: Spring in Japan by Akiko Kawata}

It's officially spring (even though it might not feel that way; currently snow is swirling outside my window)! But it's officially spring! Here's what you need to know about 4my3boyz Fabrics to stay, you know, in the know:

~With spring's arrival, we've got a fresh new sale: Floral Fabrics, running through Wednesday, March 27th. Stock up on beautiful blooms, like...

1 floral 1

Pink Floral Vines on Beige Cotton Poplin

1 floral 2

Art of Possibility April Showers Sunflowers

1 floral 3

State Flowers Purple Iris Tennessee

~We've got some incredible fabric lines from RJR. The Military Salute line is flying off the shelves, many turning into beautiful blankets for the troops. 

1 military 2

Military Salute Army Hummers Helicopters Tanks

~Another popular RJR line is Sweet Scoops. It's like being a kid in a candy shop. Or an adult in a candy shop! (Who are we kidding?)

1 candies

Sweet Scoop Pops, Dots, Twizzlers Candy on Blue

~While the rest of America is caught up in basketball madness, we shared sixteen sweet fabrics on Tuesday to battle it out. Check out the play-by-play!

~We're having so much fun on Instagram, sharing fabrics and some behind-the-scenes peeks into our crazy life here. Follow us and we'll follow you! (Username: 4my3boyz)

That's it for this week! Enjoy your first spring weekend, wherever you are!

19. March 2013 06:23
by tbev

Fabulous! Sweet 16 Fabrics

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4my3boyz Sweet 16 Fabrics

While some of America is caught up in one kind of March Madness, we're caught up in another kind: fabulous fabrics from 4my3boyz! I've put together my "Sweet 16" and you can decide which one is the winner. (Wait, who are we kidding? They're all winners!) Here's the play-by-play:

1. Peacocks Flowers and Butterflies in Squares - Who doesn't love a parading peacock to start things off?
2. Puppy Dogs Dalmation Boxer Retriever Pups - Puppies are here to play, and they've bought their A-game!
3. Star Wars Characters in Squares - Luke, I am your fabric! 
4. M&M Funfetti Characters Packed on Brown - What's a good game without a candy-coated chocolate snack? 
5. US Military Marines Scenes Camouflage Fleece -  Call in the big guns, this is getting serious!
6. Boo Crew Skeletons Dancing on Purple - No bones about it, this is quite a matchup!
7. In Motion Monster Trucks All Over on Cream -  This competition is in overdrive!
8. Outer Space Planets Glow in the Dark - In a surprise move, this one is glowing in the dark!
9. A Stitch in Time Vintage Sewing Machines Large -  This is "sew" exciting!
10. Barcodes in Rows on White - After scanning the competition, this one really stands out!
11. Red White and Blue Cowboy Boots and Flags - These boots were made for walking (and jamming).
12. Swing Time Golf Carts on Lime Green - Speedy and sporty, this game is zipping along!
13. Tucson Kokopelli Figures on Purple - These cheerleaders are amazing!
14. Destination Travel Words from Around the World - This well-traveled player has got the experience to win!
15. State Flowers Indian Blankets Oklahoma - Oklahoma has always been a powerhouse in this competition! 
16. Landscape Medley Birch Trees Birch Bark - Don't get intimidated, this player is all bark and no bite!

That wraps up this competition! Who will make it into your basket?

14. March 2013 03:51
by tbev

This Week's Fabulous Updates

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Worldwide Quilting Day

Big happenings this week, beginning with Worldwide Quilting Day on Saturday, March 16, 2013. Join quilters all over the world in this 22-year tradition by participating in countless ways:
-Wear your quilted jackets, vests, or other ensembles.
-Share your activities on Twitter and Instagram using hashtag #WWquiltday.
-"Like" the WWQD Facebook page and enter to win the Sweepstakes.
-This year, there is a 7 Summits Strip Quilt Challenge. Can you stitch your way to Mt. Everest? Find the details here.

~At 4my3boyz Fabrics, we are celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day with a free shipping offer and a giveaway! Win a free American Dream Easy Stitch No-Basting Frame Set by entering one of three ways: 
-Any purchase at 4my3boyz Fabrics
-Comment on the 4my3boyz Facebook Page
-Sign up for our newsletter

4my3boyz Easter Dresses

~On Tuesday, we shared some great ideas for Easter dresses, skirts, and accessories, and paired them with some of our favorite fabrics. Check them out if you're in need of Easter fashion inspiration.

~A new sale begins today: Fat Quarter Fabric Bundles! Stock up on bundles of coordinating fabrics, like Troll Dolls, Blazing Bandanas, and Vintage Muscle Cars, among others. Sale runs now through Wednesday, March 20th and supplies are limited.

One more thing: Happy St. Patrick's Day this weekend! May you be happy, healthy, lucky, and safe!